Video Notes

In this video I will teach you 3 main rules of thumb I LIVE by when analyzing a Seller Financing deal.

If you look at these 3 factors, you’ll get a clear picture of whether or not an owner financed deal will be profitable for you.

For example, remember a few weeks ago when I told you the reasons why Seller Financing is so awesome?
One of those reasons was because the Loan to Value requirements are so much higher.

In a Seller Financing deal, the money isn’t really changing hands – you’re just taking over the payments on the seller’s mortgage. Since you are not risking cash, either yours or anyone else’s, you can make a lot of money on deals that you might currently think are trash.

Watch the video to learn more about this, and the other guidelines I follow to determine profitable seller financing deals.

PS. Before you watch this video, make sure that you go back and watch Episode 31: 7 Reasons Seller Financing WINS (if you haven’t already).