Video Notes

What is Dodd-Frank?

Well, it’s a long story. But, in a nutshell Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank introduced a law that overhauled financial regulation in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007/2008.

How does this affect you as an investor?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this video.

As long as you don’t have more than two billion in assets and you haven’t done more than two thousand first lien notes last calendar year – this video will apply to you.

You are what is known as a “Small Creditor”

And that means you’ll have different needs when it comes to compliance than the big guys.

(Also, it means you’ll get to do things that the big banks can’t do.)

The point is – don’t stress out too much about Dodd-Frank regulations. Once you understand how it works, you’ll be fine.

This video is a helpful guide to complying with Dodd-Frank – so pay attention and take notes! Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.