Video Notes

Do you find it difficult and confusing to explain Sub2 Wraps to your seller?

In this video, Grant and Ryan will cover some of the very important points you need to know about explaining Sub2 Wraps to your seller.

You’ll learn many important things, such as:

  • How to explain the Due on Sale Clause (it’s not as complicated as it sounds!)
  • Why you should always explain what you’re doing in a transparent way to your seller. (You’ll stand out from the other investors who lie through their teeth.)
  • How to explain to the seller why you’re paying too much for their house.
  • Why Daniel Moore was so right when he said that “rapport has bought more houses than money ever has.”
  • And so much more.

This is a must-watch video and the tips in here are super important – so sharpen your pencils and make some notes!

(Of course, it should be noted that we are not attorneys, so make sure you check in with your attorney as well whenever you make a deal.)