Video Notes

Your first deal might not be your biggest deal of your real estate investing career… but it is A BIG DEAL.

Closing that first deal is the beginning of your journey, the start of something amazing, and an incredibly satisfying feeling. It’s the moment when you think, “Yes, I really CAN do this.”

But getting your first deal is not always easy.

In this episode, Ryan and I will go through the three steps you can take to get you closer to closing that oh-so-important first deal.

It’s all about the 3 P’s – Prepare, Persist and Partner.

You’ve got to prepare for your first deal (including setting up an LLC), you’ve got to persist (because it won’t happen right away) and you need to find the right partner (because you can’t do everything on your own.)

In this video – I’ll share with you the honest truth: it WILL take time before you get your first deal, maybe even 6-8 months.

BUT, if you listen carefully to these golden nuggets and prepare, persist and partner – you’ll get there.

And when you do, it will be just the beginning.