Video Notes

I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want…

Repeat cash buyers.

When you contract a house for cheap, the aim is to find someone who is willing to buy it from you for a little bit more.

In this video, the amazing Fabiola and I will teach you the three essential steps to take if you wanna find cash buyers.

  1. Ya gotta get with my friends.
  2. Ya gotta slam your body down and wind it all around.
  3. Ya gotta zig-a-zag-ah.

(just kidding.)

Actually, first of all, you’ve gotta have good numbers – including comps and estimates for repairs.

Secondly, you’ve gotta know what your buyers want, (what they really really want) and only send them deals that fit their criteria.

Thirdly, you’ve gotta be able to close the deal.

Ready to spice up your search for repeat cash buyers? Watch the video and start using these three steps now.