Video Notes

In this episode, a fresh-faced Ryan and I discuss some major ideas that I think you’ll find really helpful in your real estate investing career.

One of those is the concept of the “BHAG” – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

This term was coined by Jim Collins in the book “Built to Last” and I LOVE the concept. It’s an exciting and empowering way to set a big aspiration or vision statement – which you can then work back from and strive towards.

So, check it out as we talk about our BHAG’s and discuss the finer points of goal setting. (Plus lots more!) I’ll also show you how to extrapolate from where you are now, so you can decide whether your BHAG makes sense to accomplish during this quarter.

After watching this, hopefully you’ll be inspired to set your own big hairy audacious goals! (When you do, please share them with us – we’d love to hear them!)