Video Notes

Well you guys… this video is pretty special. That’s because it was made the day after the October Propelio Event.

This incredible Halloween-themed event involved some goosebump-inducing speeches from great names in the industry, including Jamie Burleson Wooley, Gary Dale Harper II, Daniel Moore and of course, yours truly.

I tell ya, it was spooky-good.

This event also included something special – the very first Propelio graduation ceremony.

On this episode, I sit down with some of our amazing graduates and talk to them about what they’ve learned as they build their real estate investing business.

These guys and gals are true bosses and they have applied the lessons from the Propelio Academy to GREAT success.

You’re gonna want to tune into this one. Not only is it inspiring to see these successful real estate investors out there killing it… you’ll also get some pretty sweet tips from them in this video.