Video Notes

It’s the final episode of the year, so strap in and get ready to learn some truly valuable stuff!

The last few episodes have formed a mini-series about the cycles of your career – and what strategies you can use to grow at each stage.

Now we will show you how to move from multiple deals per month, to closing 50+ per year.

We’ve explained the process step by step, so you can understand exactly what your next move should be (even if you’re only in the early stages of your business.).

In this episode, we’ll talk about when you should hire your first employee. Hiring someone can be a great way to expand and scale your business.

After all, it’s important that certain things get done – but it doesn’t necessarily matter if YOU do them. (You don’t have to always do the parts of your business you don’t enjoy!)

In this video, we’ll talk about the incredibly powerful concept of Visionary vs. Integrator. Every business needs one of each – and they have their own strengths and superpowers.

If you’re a Visionary, you’ll want to work with an Integrator – and vice versa. Together your powers will combine and you’ll achieve amazing things!

(We’ll also talk about why the Visionary is the only position that should be designed around an individual person.)

Stay tuned for some valuable insight!