Video Notes

Welcome to 2019! I hope you had a restful Christmas break…

Because we are going to kick things into serious high gear!

Are you ready?

Today I have a VERY special guest: Eddie Speed from The Note School.

Eddie has done over $3 BILLION in notes.

Not million… BILLION. To put that into perspective… a million seconds is around 11 days, a billion seconds is about 32 YEARS.

That’s a lot of notes.

In other words, this guy is the real deal and he has mastered his craft. He is a visionary who saw where the market was going and made some pretty smart moves – revolutionizing the way that notes work.

We have a lot to learn from him, so I suggest you listen carefully and take notes on what he has to say! It’s not every day that you get to learn from someone who is such a beast in the industry.

Let’s start the year off right, with some solid gold wisdom from a man who truly knows his stuff.