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Posted by Propelio on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Video Notes

Today is a very special day.

(I have my spiffy jacket on and everything!)

Because today I get to talk to Tang Wynn, a truly impressive entrepreneur and real estate investor. (You guys, Tang is the real deal and I’m excited to have him on the show!)

We get into some solid gold tips for how you can source leads and grow a crash-proof business.

We’ll talk about:

  • How he took down 9(!) deals in his first 6 months in the business.
  • Why seller financing means you can turn “trash” leads other investors have thrown away into treasure.
  • How Tang found a private lender… through Instagram. (Believe it or not.)

Plus, we’ll also take about where the market is headed and how you can adjust your strategies for the future – so that you can be prepared for the crash.

Don’t miss this episode – there’s plenty of valuable gems in here.