Video Notes

In this video, I’m going to expose myself to you.

(Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of video.)

I simply mean that I am going to share with you some books and sources of knowledge that I’ve used over the years and maybe haven’t mentioned before.

These are books in which you’ll find more golden nuggets than James W. Marshall did at Sutter’s Mill, California in 1848.

But unlike the Gold Rush Marshall kicked off, there are enough golden nuggets for everyone. That’s because knowledge isn’t a finite resource – it’s something we can share and all enjoy more success as a result.

Some of the golden nuggets we will uncover from these amazing books include:

  • Why you should cast your seller as the hero of the story, not yourself.
  • A three-column exercise you can do that will help you to address the fears of your seller.
  • Why one of your best negotiation tools is sometimes to just shut up and say nothing at all.
  • Why you should always do the right thing, especially when it’s not in your favor.

There this video is so packed with great strategies, that you might want to watch it with your finger on the pause button so you can stop to write it all down.

Enjoy the golden nuggets!