Video Notes

This week Ryan and I discuss how you can tap into IRA private money lenders for your real estate investing business.

More importantly, we are going to discuss how this type of relationship is a WIN-WIN situation.

After all – we are not asking for money.

We are offering to give someone a return on their capital.

And there’s a big difference there!

You get to use other people’s money to fund your real estate investments.

And they get a return on their investment that cannot be beaten by other means.

The people who have funds in these accounts might not even know that their capital could be working for them – rather than just sitting there.

That’s where you come in!

In this episode, Ryan and I will cover some of the finer points of using IRA private money lenders, including:

  • Why you should always use the words “place your capital” rather than “borrow your money.”
  • Why you can’t judge how much capital someone has by their outward appearance. #paylessshoes
  • How to decide which road to go down once you learn how much they want to invest.
  • Why you should be the “guide” and not the “hero”.
  • And so much more!