Video Notes

In the first season of Grant Teach Me Something, we covered a lot of topics in a kinda scattergun approach.

In this second season, we’re going back in and focusing even more on the nitty gritty of these topics – breaking them down with concrete examples and actionable tips you can apply to your real estate investing business.

In this episode, Ryan and I get deep into talking about Wrap Mortgages and how they work. We cover a number of important points, such as:

  • Why we refer to it as a Wrap Donut (No sprinkles are actually involved.)
  • Why Sub2 is an acquisition model and Wraps are a disposition model – and what that means.
  • My 2x Cash Rule (and an illustration of how it works.)
  • And much more!

Take notes while you watch this – it’s super important info!

PS. (Bear with me here… I know the hat I’m wearing in this episode is ridiculous.)