Video Notes

This is a very special episode of Grant Teach Me Something. I’m coming to you live from Austin!

Today the hot-button topic is SB42. What does this bill mean for real estate investors like us?

Essentially, the bill says that we will not be able to wrap a mortgage that has a due on sale clause without consent from the underlying lender.

This is something we should be concerned about, because it will affect the way we do business.

I’ll be joined by Mitch Stephen, who has been a self-employed real estate investor for over 20 years. He’s an incredibly experienced leader in the business and he has a lot of valuable insights on this bill.

We’ll talk about some real, actionable things you can do to get involved and oppose this bill. Now’s the time to make a stand and let government know how this will affect people like you and me.

This is an important video, so don’t miss it!