Video Notes

Hey folks, it’s been a while!

Grant Teach Me Something was on hold for several weeks, and then the world shut down, thanks to COVID-19.

But now we’re back! For the first ever social-distancing-style Grant Teach Me Something, I connect with Daniel via video chat and we chat about how to respond to the current situation.

We are all on this wild ride together and there’s a lot going on – which is why it’s more important than ever to talk about how you should approach this situation.

How are you feeling about the way the real estate world is changing? Are you fearful, or excited? What should your next move be?

Most importantly – how should you be spending your time to ensure you’re well positioned for the new economy?

In this mega-episode (an hour and 20 minutes long!) we will chat about everything that’s going on – and what you can do to prepare for what’s coming up next.

So, sit back with your favorite quarantine snack and listen to this! You’ll be glad you did.