Memberships at The CCF Academy
Reasons Why You Should Join The Academy

Systematic Learning: Beginner To Advanced

Learn the basics all the way up to advanced Real Estate Investing strategies only the pros know about.

Our Progress Tracking system at The Academy will let you know your exact progress from being just a Beginner to becoming Pro-Level at Real Estate Investing.

In-depth Content

The Academy will guarantee 100% in-depth content approach. We respect your money, and we want to give you valuable REI content that’s worth its weight in gold.

From each and every single one of our modules, you’ll receive actionable insights that will improve the success of your day-to-day dealings as a Real Estate Investor.

The Perfect Environment for Growth

The Academy is not just theory & learning. It’s also an awesome community of like-minded Investors, led by an extremely supportive coach & National Authority on Seller Financing: Grant Kemp.

Provisions of Valuable REI Resources

Upon joining The Academy, you’ll be granted access to valuable contacts such as: Lawyers, Contractors, trustworthy third-party Lenders, and more…

Our goal? To provide you with everything you need in order to execute your Seller Financing deals smoothly.

Student Success Stories

You are wise beyond your years

Jordan McCoy

Still watching videos = mind blown. Not sure how in the hell you learned all of this. The premise of this is simple, yet very complex at the same time. As a realtor, I struggle to understand why more of us do not learn the investing side. Realtors – Make a good salary, Investors – make long term and/or generational wealth. You are wise beyond your years.

Jordan McCoy


You’ll learn the true value of hard work
Last, but definitely not least:
Inside The Academy, we’re all firm believers in hard work.

I’m NOT here to insult your intelligence by saying it’s easy to become a successful Real Estate Investor—it’s not.

But what I’m telling you is: it’s achievable.

And we’re all about helping you achieve real success—through hard work.

I’ve done it. The Academy’s students have done it.

I’m here to show you how to achieve the exact same thing.

But first, you’ve gotta understand that all this stuff requires hard work. And in the process, you’ll learn the true value of hard work… (which makes it even more exciting—and makes for cool Success Stories later on!)

The truth is: Success requires hard work. But it doesn’t have to be greeted with sadness. Speaking from experience, hard work gives your success & achievements meaning.

So let’s work together… The Academy will walk you through all the hard work you need to go through to become a successful Real Estate Investor!