Creative Accelerator Program

Unbeatable support from the Upper Echelon of the CCF Academy

Most investors are struggling from the “lone wolf” syndrome.

The Creative Accelerator Program provides you with a strong, solid, and supportive community of investors who will hold you accountable to your biggest REI goals — and help you take massive action to achieve them.

What Creative Accelerator Program Members Get:

1 access pass to CCF mastermind session

Where masters gather, profits & growth happen.

By attending this mastermind session, you will get advanced REI training you can’t get anywhere else, discover new ways to make money in real estate, and be awarded with the opportunity to sit on the “hot seat”- where you get to bring up whatever your biggest obstacle has been, and the whole room (Grant Kemp included) will work together to help you solve it. This way you’re leaving the session with your biggest problem SOLVED, getting you back to work with a fresh mind and big energy to GO BUY MORE HOUSES.

Weekly deal analysis Zoom workshop (attendee)

Knowing the theories about buying real estate on paper is one thing. Actually processing the deal and crunching numbers in a way that makes money is another.

These weekly deal analysis sessions allow you to see me crunch deal numbers LIVE, on the spot. I’ll share not only the numbers, but the thought process that gets put into every step of the way — so you’re able to replicate it on your own deals.


Accountabilibuddy assignments

Anyone who has big ambitions know there’s real value in having another person hold you accountable to your goals.

So often we get mingled with our own ideals — that it prevents us from reaching that next step of our business. This is why having an accountabilibuddy partner is so important.

Upon joining, you’ll be paired with a like-minded accountabilibuddy partner who will:

  • Hold you accountable to your goals, and force you to take massive action
  • Discuss each other’s deals & provide inputs to make it better
  • Get a serious eye at your business model & how you operate — and gain personal, honest insights
  • Have a like-minded friend who shares the same dream & desire as you
  • Motivate each other towards massive REI success and create a “snowball momentum”
Dara and Anastasia’s first house (only 2 weeks after joining with Grant!)

On top of all that, you also get:

Lifetime access to the CCF Academy member’s page

Get everything you need to execute your seller financing deals smoothly.

Access to valuable contacts (e.g. lawyers, contractors, third-party lenders, etc.), marketing material (e.g. postcard, handwritten fonts, mailer outsourcing, etc.), and online estimators (e.g. rehab estimator, deal analysis whetstone, etc.) ← Will be given to you as powerful additions to your REI arsenal.


1 year access to the weekly Q&A sessions

Every week students of the CCF Academy gather around and ask me tons of questions via our special Q&A webinar. I answer each and every question personally — live. You’d be surprised of the amount of REI wisdom these free-flow sessions contain.

1 year access to the Q&A archives

Weekly Q&As spark some of the most interesting, meaningful, and powerful discussions in REI. The wisdom thrown around in these sessions are timeless, and anyone who aspires to become an investor will be able to benefit from it.

As a Creative Accelerator Program member, you will get access to the curated Q&A archives, containing a massive library of REI knowledge of all types.

Are you ready to join the Creative Accelerator Program?

P.S. To join the Creative Accelerator Program, there’s an application process you need to go through to ensure that we’re a great fit. Click the button to apply.