Seller Financing Essentials
Weekly Q&A Sessions With Me (1 Year Access)
For 1 full year, you can ask me anything related to Real Estate Investing, and I will personally answer your questions LIVE. Better yet, the whole community of The CCF Academy can do collective brainstorming to give multiple answers to your questions. (how cool is that?)

Speaking from my own experience, nothing compares with having access to a real expert who can answer any-and-all of your seller financing & real estate investing questions whenever you hit a wall. This is why the next value that I want to offer you is a total game-changer…

LIVE Q&A session: It’s a special event where you get to have a direct, personal line connection with your mentor, Grant Kemp.

It’s going to be conducted super professionally, regularly, and exclusively… meaning that everyone in the live stream sessions are likely top-performing investors looking to build a legacy of their own. (You’d be surprised at how powerful a supportive community is to your growth.)

I will be with you every step of the way… once a week. Answering any-and-all of your questions. Breaking through your roadblocks and empowering your growth so you can achieve your REI goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

(Note: Access to the Q&A recording archive are also given for one full year. For those of you who are seeking for REI gems, this is the best place to dig.)

The Knowledge You’ll Get:

Comprehensive Real Estate Investing Training

from me, Grant Kemp — A National Authority on Seller Financing

Sub2 101

Real Estate Investing with No Money (I’ll show you how I bought my first 40 houses with virtually no capital whatsoever)

Wrap-Arounds 101

Learn the best way to sell a seller-financed property (Get today money AND tomorrow money at the same time)

Case Study

Real Live Phone Call Acquisition (Listen to how I approach a lead, build rapport, pitch, and all the way to the appointment setting)

LLC Creation 101

Get total protection under the umbrella of LLC (I’ll teach you how to set up a rock-solid LLC foundation for your Seller Financing Business)

Real Estate Negotiation Series

Learn how I’m able to close at an over 75% conversion rate (that’s 4 out of every 5 sellers I meet)

REI Math — The Magic Math that Makes Money

Learn how to uncover the exact numbers that go in the background of every Real Estate deal. My goal? To help you consistently score profitable deals

Supply of Valuable REI Resources

You’ll be granted access to valuable contacts such as: Lawyers, Contractors, Trustworthy third-party Lenders (basically everything you need in order to execute your seller financing deals smoothly)

Conquer Difficult Liens

Expand your Real Estate Investing opportunities by expanding your knowledge about Liens, Liabilities, and more…

How to Leverage Probate Estates

While rookie investors will panic and end up avoiding probate estate deals, I’ll teach you how to turn probate estates to not just a win, but an overwhelming victory (I’ll show you how to make a ton of money from probate estates)