How to Negotiate Sub2! Live call reaction with breakdown!

Today we break down a real life call recording where Grant Kemp contracted a Sub2 deal over the phone and sight unseen.This morning Daniel Chad Moore and Grant Kemp break down the psychology, negotiation, and rapport techniques used to get to "yes" in this real life phone acquisition of a Subject To deal!"

Posted by Propelio on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Video Notes

We can talk and talk until we are blue in the face about the theory behind negotiation strategies.

But nothing really shows you how these strategies work like listening to a real-life phone call I had with a homeowner!

As the old saying goes, “show, don’t tell!” So, I decided to show you how these techniques work.

In this episode, Daniel and I listen to this phone call and analyze it – uncovering the rapport building techniques and negotiation strategies I use to get to the “yes.”

(Plus, Daniel has some pretty great insight into why this call worked so well.)

I hope you can take inspiration from this real-life example and use some of these strategies in your next subject to phone call.