Video Notes

What should your strategy be for the next few years of downturn?

In this video, Daniel will explain how you can become a millionaire in the upcoming downtown – in the easiest way he knows how.

We’ve talked about market cycles – but there are specific parts of a cycle when certain strategies work the best.

This is what I really want to stress: If you did not buy at least 10 houses before Q1 of 2015, you have no idea how to handle what’s about to happen.

For the past four years, all it took to look like a genius real estate investor was time. You simply had to make a deal, then sit back and wait for it to become profitable.

The market is changing – and that trend is not going to continue. You need a different strategy for success – which Daniel will explain in this video.

Watch this video and listen carefully to the truth bombs Daniel is dropping. If you can stick with it – and use the right strategies through this downturn period – you can build true wealth that lasts for decades.