Video Notes

Can you imagine yourself retiring 10 years from now? How about 5? Or even 6 months?

In this episode I sit down with Daniel and we talk retirement.

First of all, we’ll chat about how much you need in passive income to be able to retire.

(Hint: it’s not about the number of deals you do, it’s about the revenue you generate with each one.)

For Daniel and I, the answer to this is very different. He’s happy with $2,500 per month and my goal is 10 times that. There’s no right or wrong answer – and in this episode we’ll talk about what these respective numbers mean for our lifestyle.

Plus, we’ll also talk about how money isn’t the only way you can get paid in retirement. It’s also possible to get “paid” in free time, flexibility and lifestyle. If you’re like Daniel, you might be less focused on material possessions and more dedicated to having control of your time.

It’s especially important to think about this when you are coming up on a quarter, because those quarterly and annual goals are massive. If you don’t set your compass in the right direction, you can find yourself thousands of miles off course.

This is a great video for anyone and it will get you thinking about your retirement goals – no matter how lofty they may be.