You are the reason why I teach
Cantrell landed his first deal less than 2 weeks after becoming a Personal Mentor Student of Grant Kemp.

In this video, you’ll see Cantrell & his first contract with his sweet, sweet signature plastered there.

“I took the day off from my 9-5 job and went with Grant to pursue one of my leads… Lo and behold, we managed to close the deal, sign the contract, and bought my first house with Grant!”

Cantrell Jenkins, Personal Mentor Student
Beginner Investor

I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been

Christopher Beary

Man, I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been. Thank you. You’re doing awesome things for people and I can’t stress enough how awesome it has been to have a resource like those videos. Especially from someone else in DFW. You rock!

Christopher Beary
"I've got 3 investment properties under contract that would net me $120,000 dollars cash this month... but I ignored it.

Why? Because the tips and tricks I've learned from will allow me to turn these deals into over a MILLION dollars in performing assets over time."

Tim Ramjattan, Essentials Member
Professional Investor

Ten times better

Michael Scianatico

Instead of posting on your post of the FSBO call you did, I want to say, that kind of stuff is one of the most valuable things you can share with your community. Listening/ seeing how it is actually done instead of watching a lecture about it is ten times better in my book. No need to reply, just wanted you to know that deserves respect because of the clandestine ways a lot of people operate in this business. Thank you.

Michael Scianatico

Based on just ONE video

Only one session in and I’ve already learned a critical piece of information that helped me save a deal yesterday. I was purchasing a house in Paris TX that has a $29,000 tax lien on the property. Normally, I would’ve walked away and never touched a deal like that — but after I watched the first module where Grant talks about how federal tax liens can be deferred if the seller isn’t making any profit, I immediately called the title company and suggested the idea to the underwriter. Sure enough, they said they can file for an exception that will take about 4 weeks to get and then we’ll be able to push through.

So now, based on just ONE video, I’m learning how to break through obstacles in a deal that will help me win more deals in the future and help more sellers along the way. The seller is SO appreciative that I’m trying to work with her to get her house sold and finish off the tax lien on the property.

Just wanted to let you know of the impact you already had in furthering my investing career, Grant. Can’t wait to get through your whole course.


The BEST content on REI I’ve ever seen

Tracy Ann Ross

This is the BEST content on REI I’ve ever seen. Thanks for breaking it down! 🔥🔥🔥

Tracy Ann Ross

I feel born again with this stuff

Jude Kiguli

U do not know how u have changed my life forever, even though I have not made any money yet. After the army, I kind of gave up with life, always depressed, feeling suicidal but now, I feel born again with this stuff you are teaching. U are amazing boss. Thanks.

Jude Kiguli

You are wise beyond your years

Jordan McCoy

Still watching videos = mind blown. Not sure how in the hell you learned all of this. The premise of this is simple, yet very complex at the same time. As a realtor, I struggle to understand why more of us do not learn the investing side. Realtors – Make a good salary, Investors – make long term and/or generational wealth. You are wise beyond your years.

Jordan McCoy
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