Systems vs SalesThe importance of doing stuff and figure your system out once you know what accomplishment looks like.Grant Kemp & Ryan Harper

Posted by Propelio on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Video Notes

“Not a single company has gone out of business because of a lack of systems. Any company that has gone out of business has done so because of a lack of sales.”

Systems sure are helpful when it comes to keeping yourself organized and getting stuff done.

The problem is, many people make the mistake of endlessly planning what they need to do – rather than just hunkering down and doing it.

In this episode, my buddy Ryan and I are going to talk about designing systems that are based on what’s important and what will actually make you money.

You won’t get where you want to be without hard work, that’s for sure. But… the right systems will save you from #hustling and grinding your way to exhaustion.

It’s about working smarter – not working harder.

P.S. If you tune into this one, you might just see Ryan do a little dance for me!