Video Notes

Lately we’ve been talking about how to use different real estate investing models to adapt to the upcoming downturn in the market.

(Note: If you haven’t watched the 6 weeks of videos leading up to this point – go back and watch them now! There’s some seriously great content there that will help you refine your investing strategy.)

In this episode, we are going to be looking at Sub2 Wraps and Rentals. Should you be wrapping your notes or should you be renting them?

We will compare these two strategies and how you can make them work for your ultimate investing goals. What do you need to consider before you choose Sub 2 Wraps or Rentals?

The best approach depends on what stage of your career you’re in, what type of investor you are and what your priorities are.

Note: this is not an instructional video of the steps for either of these strategies (we have other videos for that). Instead, it’s a pros and cons video to help you figure out your strategy.