Video Notes

On the last episode, we talked about how to land your very first deal.

If you’ve managed to do that – congratulations!

But how do you go from that all-important first deal, to consistently landing at least one deal per month?

That’s what we’ll cover in this episode. Daniel and I will talk about how you can replicate your success over and over again to KEEP getting deals consistently.

The key is to analyze what your strengths are and what got you your first deal – then make a plan for how you can apply it to all your future deals.

If you aren’t using this approach, you’ll simply be beating your head against the wall and working overtime – with very little chance of success.

Of course, it takes time to grow from your first deal to 12 consistent deals per year. But, with the right strategy and attitude, you can get there!

Watch this video for some inspiration and advice you can use to start making monthly deals and growing your success.